U.S. Appeals Court: YouTubers Must Consider Fair Use Before Removing Video Content

The automatic removal of video content due to copyright infringement claims may soon be a thing of the past after a new ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision confirms that copyright and license holders will need to consider what is fair use before they issue a take down notice.

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Attn Video Marketers: Thanksgiving is Bigger on YouTube than Black Friday

Nearly 90% of Google users also use YouTube, but people search Google and YouTube in different ways. Take Thanksgiving and Black Friday for example. Black Friday is now a more popular search term on Google than Thanksgiving, but on YouTube it's Thanksgiving terms that people are searching for more.

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How Video Marketers Can Use Google's Brand Lift Surveys for Extra Juicy Data

Did you know that Google provides extra metrics and data to video advertisers via its Brand Lift Surveys feature? If you are already using Adwords to run your video advertising campaigns, then you can set up a survey very quickly for no extra cost. It could provide the data you need to increase ROI on your advertising.

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